Meet Ozzi – a 4th generation entrepreneur, born in Tampere, Finland. Starting as a freelancer working for his existing customer base in Europe, Ozzi quickly became one of the world’s original “digital nomads”. Of course, digital nomadism was different then, with virtually no online resources or networks. Ozzi had to write the instruction manual on his own :).

He will tell us his incredible journey and how giving geoarbitrage a try transformed his life and company, growing it from a one-man software consulting agency in Northern Thailand to a multinational organization employing over 250 people from more than 30 different nationalities.

What % of the time do you work remotely?
Roughly 90% of the time.

Why not 100%?

I do enjoy visiting the office occasionally mainly to socialize with my colleagues.

What do you carry in your “remote backpack”?

I have my trusted MacBook Air, iPhone, Airpods, keyboard and mouse as well as laptop stand most of my work is done over email, slack, Google apps, Trello, and Zoom.

What would you definitely leave behind?

I believe in “deep work” so no need to carry external screens with me.

What is your Top destination for remote work?

I do different type of work in different locations. I normally answer emails and take calls at my office room in my home in Chiang Mai, Thailand and if I need to gather my thoughts I might ride my motorbike up to my “cottage” which is an off-grid house at the top of a mountain hill in Northern Thailand with 4G MiFi connection.

Is there anything new that you like to try while being away from the office?

I do like to try co-working spaces around and see if I can learn new tricks from others.

In your opinion, which are the challenges of working from anywhere?
Most challenging is to build company culture when people are working remotely from very different locations.

What could make Bulgaria more attractive destination for the digital nomads?

Bulgaria has many things going for it, perhaps easier travel connections would be appreciated as of now I believe most flights would go through Sofia, but If I could fly directly to Plovdiv, for example, that would be fantastic.

What is the most important thing in your life?

To enjoy the journey we never know how long is the road and what will be in the end, hence it’s important to enjoy everyday life.