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Once upon a time…
working remotely was considered to be a distant and exotic concept. Last year, however, has turned everyone’s working lives upside down, and there is hardly anyone who has not experienced the benefits and the curse of working from home.

But who said working from home is the only option for remote workers?
Why not experiment even further, exploring new destinations which offer not only great conditions for work but also allow you to discover other exciting things in your life? Experiencing new cultures and destinations, learning new skills, meeting inspiring people whom you’d never have the chance to meet otherwise, or simply enjoying first-hand the lifestyle of many freelancers and remote workers, whose freedom you were secretly envying before, can happen for real now – while working as efficiently as before (and even much, much better!).

Do we see a sparkle in your eye already?
Are you starting to crave exploring new destinations, changing your daily view (as nice and cozy it may be), and jumping into a great new adventure?

Now, if you work at a company, most probably you will say ‘Why, yes, great – but this way of work and life is reserved for the digital nomads. Who am I to dream, I am ‘tied’ to my corporate life and there is no way I can combine Bali with work’.

Here is the exciting news: not anymore!
We at Grow Remotes have found a way to combine efficient remote work with an inspiring lifestyle, resourceful skill learning, and tailor-made transformational experiences.
Whether you are a solopreneur, an entrepreneur, a digital nomad, a remote worker, or a company looking for ways to boost the energy, motivation, efficiency, and engagement of your colleagues,
we are here for you to offer a different experience that will bring your business to the next level.

how we rock & roll

great locations/ journey pins

Bulgaria, Europe, Asia…Changing the environment improves memory retention, creativity & performance and…add a piece of art (+ energy) in your daily routine

co-work & co-life

…to move your projects. Reliable WIFI and cozy atmosphere is quite a good beginning

“move your body” activities

surfing, snorkeling, hiking, yoga, diving, cycling – whatever the area offers to keep the body in shape

GROW activities

workshops, goal setting sessions, entrepreneur panels, master mind sessions, coaching, reflection, skills sharing… Upscale your biz or reframe your career path with our tailor-made programs for personal and professional growth

be social

welcome drink(s), group lunches & dinners, social night outs, local networking events…to overcome the interaction gap

culture diving

walk and think like a local

journey pins

read the numbers

work from anywhere & digital nomadism are global trends


the remote workforce has increased since 2005

— Global Workplace Analytics

of companies plan to shift some of their employees to remote working permanently

— Gartner

people aspire to be a digital nomad in the future

— MBO partners

of digital nomads report being highly satisfied at work

— MBO partners

of people feel that working remotely reduces stress

— Flexjobs

master crew

Our professional team will be happy to bring amazing ideas and projects to life

Milena Hadzhiivanova

grow master

Psychologist, business consultant, coach & mentor, keynote speaker, growth provocateur, innovator. But not only…

Milena is also attracted by the authenticity – all over – in places, in out-of-the cliché people, relationships, cultures. Not perfect, but authentic!

Kiril Dzharov

journey master

He is like a Perpetuum mobile – doing cool stuff in every single moment: kite surfing, motorbiking, skiing, traveling, exploring, organizing, (phone) talking, laughing, influencing, enjoying. Our Journey master.

“If everything’s under control you’re not going fast enough…”

Martin Bahanov

journey master

Martin has stories to tell – from Nepal, through Ubud or Lisbon. Not because he has read about them, but because he has felt them.

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all”

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